Microrobot Military Patrol Jeep is Not Really Micro

1MicroRobotGI.jpgThe Korean Demilitarized Zone is soon to be guarded by the, ironically titled, Microrobot. Check out the gallery below:


The driverless vehicle may sound like a companion for your Roomba, but that it certainly is not. The Microrobot is entirely remote controlled and the operator officially has a rocking job. Infrared cameras, sonic waves, headlights and a stereo are all instruments used in assisting with navigation. The robotic jeep will not only save your behind, but it will also save a few watts of energy too, as it runs on a rechargeable lithium battery. Gosh, if only my manhood was ironically named Microrobot. You know, instead of the name being a brutally factual observation. [Aving Networks via Sci Fi Tech]

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