Micro Camera Shows the Workings of a Combustion Engine

Someone had the great idea of putting a high-pressure, heat-resistant camera inside the cylinder of a four-stroke engine. Shooting at 1000 fps, the camera recorded just exactly what happens to make engines run. Suck, Squeeze, Bang, Blow! [LiveLeak]


    Absolutely cool. I have a much better appreciation of what is going on inside my engine. I showed this site to my husband who has rebuild many an engine. He had never seen the inside as it was working and thought the video was great.

    This is an excellent video that explains how an engine works. I cannot believe I have not found this sooner.

    I'm an Engg student and I never really liked ICengines in Mechanics.

    by the looks of it, it looks like a Petrol Engine (ifits a spark plug. dunno what a fuel injector looks like, if the white thing is a fuel injector, its a diesel engine). Its 4 stroke.

    But this is way cool than how our lecturer says.


      thats pretty scary, that you went to school and dont know how to tell the difference from a spark plug to a fuel injector.

    That is a four stroke gasoline engine. The white thing is the spark plug, the mist coming from the valve on the right is the fuel/air mixture (can't tell if it is fuel injected or if it has a carburetor), and the valve on the left is the exhaust valve. This video shows why it is called a four stroke engine... intake (when the intake (right) valve is open and the piston (big thing on the bottom in the middle) is going down creating a vacuum in the cylinder, compression (both valves are closed and the piston is compressing the fuel/air mixture), power (the spark plug ignites the highly flammable fuel/air mixture pushing the piston down with great force), and exhaust (the exhaust valve (left one) opens while the piston once again goes up expelling the burnt gas through the exhaust ports and once the exhaust valve closes the intake valve opens).

    This video was helpful in explaining the combustion chamber to my girlfriend.

    Seems like it doesn't have much spark advance

    Neat video. However the sharp eyed observer will not that it is imcomplete. It shows the exhaust valve opening but you don't see the piston coming up on the exhaust stroke and the exhaust valve closing. The video jumps from exhaust valve fully open to exhaust valve closed and intake starting to open. So you don't get to see if there is any exhaust - intake overlap.

    The compression cycle shows the spark occuring just before TDC implying that the engine is running at low speed.

    The video will be the same if the engine has a carb or is fuel injected.

    Where does the lighting come from?

    Why is the full duration of the exhaust cycle omitted?

    i'd like a video of a forced induction engine showing predetonation

    wow how'd they do that? awesome

    The intake valves are not properly seated. That is why one can see flames exiting the intake values during decompression.
    But pretty damn cool!
    Next can we see a high compression piston with properly seated valves?


    Edwin, how can you see flames exiting? you would need a camera on the other side of the valve.
    what you are seeing is the petrol that is present on the valve burning off. The condition of the valves cannot be determined from this video.
    I would love to see this same video camera technology used in a compression ignition engine.

    We did a bunch of this stuff for Cummins on the 5.9 B series(Dodge pickup app) with a much whiter more solid flame front expanding from the nozzle..THAT flashing off the intake valve appears to be still wetted fuel there causing a richer/visible orange trail. We saw effects like that on bad/dribbly injectors(CI, Diesel)

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