Meizu M8 Rips Off the iPhone UI and Why That's a Good Thing

meizumusic.pngAlthough the Meizu M8 Phone may rip off the iPhone with its music UI (and every other UI), it could be a good thing. First, take a look at the photos in the gallery and see just how similar they are to the iPhone.


This situation reminds me of an article in the New Yorker, except instead of technology, it's fashion. To summarize, the author says knockoffs are good for fashion because 1) it brings high fashion down to a price range that normal, working people can afford, and 2) it forces designers to change up their looks for the next season.

The knockoffs apply much the same way to the tech world. By taking Apple's UI, Meizu's bringing technology to the people who can't afford to buy a phone for $399 (Meizu's prices are between $259 and $453). They're also forcing Apple to innovate and become even better in order to stay one step ahead of the game.

We're not saying it's right or legal for Meizu to steal Apple's UI, we just think it could be a good thing for consumers in the end. After all, that Meizu Miniplayer is actually a pretty decent PMP even if it's essentially a Nano. [Meizu via Electronista]

[New Yorker via Boingboing]

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