Marie Louise Lamp Will Get Marie Louis in the Mood

MarieLouiseGI.jpgBuro Vormkrijgers not only has a stupendous name, but also tends to roll out fantastic designs intermittently. The Marie Louise lamp, which unlike Buro Vormkrijgers has a shockingly unoriginal name, makes up for the lack of excitement by having a jaw-dropping sexy design. The unorthodox light source is constructed from sheets of acrylic and uses a 14-watt fluorescent bulb along the length of the structure's leg to provide the semi-creepy, stylish glow.Different coloured lighting options are available, including amber, yellow, orange, purple, blue, pink, red and green. Two styles are offered as further options, either an intricate etched pattern or a plain transparent design. Get ready to flex your flexible friend; the etched variety will set you back a magnificent $1299, whilst the plain type will be a slightly more modest, but still ridiculous, $999. It's a small price to pay; after all, with this in your bedroom, you won't fail but to get a real live Marie Louise in the mood. [Oh Gizmo!]

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