Marantz VP-15S1 Projector Brings on the High-End 1080p

marantzvp-15s1-lg.jpgMarantz rolled out another one of its higher-end 1080p DLP projectors for home theatre today, wrapping up this VP-15S1 in the same package as last year's model but significantly enhancing the specs. The contrast ratio is punched up, from 6500:1 in the old model to 10,000:1 on this one, and it's significantly brighter, up to 1000 lumens from 700 lumens before. Also updated is the colour processing, from 10-bit before to 12-bit now. But the most notable aspect of this new release is the severe price cut.marantzvp-15s1-lg2.jpg marantz_projback.jpg The projector is still not cheap, but its price has plummeted from a steep $15,280 in June 2006's model to $8,471 for this one (although we saw the same projector in an undated US press release for $10K). Looks like a pricing trend: much better performance, almost half the price. Still, you can pick up a 1080p projector with similar performance for about a third of that. To be released in Japan in November, Marantz isn't saying when or if its VP-15S1 will appear Stateside, but since there is a US press release published, we're thinking that should be appearing here soon after the Japan release. [Electronista]

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