Man Holds Phone Ransom for $185,000, Negotiates to $200

cell_phone_ransom_guy.jpgIn Philadelphia, a woman was pulled out of her car by Randy-Jay Adolphos Jones (mugshot guy), fondled and robbed of her purse containing her cellphone. During her police report, authorities asked her to call her phone while they GPS tracked the location. The robber/fondler's story? He wanted $185,000 for that phone.So where did he come up with that figure, exactly? Did that figure reflect just the price of the phone, or the price of his time? Maybe he was billing the lady for expenses. Maybe she ripped his one-of-a-kind, rare vintage shirt while he was purse-nabbing...which is a big no-no in the getting-thieved industry.

Regardless, the victim somehow talked the man down to $200 and agreed to meet him later that night for the exchange (we think the convo went something like, "Dude, my phone came free with contract"). Cops then arrested him at gunpoint and she retrieved her purse and phone. [lancasteronline via therawfeed]

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