Lumenlab Q42, the Hybrid HDTV and PC

lumenlab_q42.jpgLumenlab thinks it's come up with the solution for that computer/TV set conundrum playing itself out on home theatres across the globe with the Q42, a 42-inch 1080p flat panel with a PC hidden inside. At just 3 inches deep, the all-in-one unit's PC has a terabyte of hard disk storage, 2GB of RAM and an Intel Core Duo processor.

To make it easier to hook it up to your network, Lumenlab's proprietary Hotwire powerline networking is on board, keeping wiring to a minimum. However, there's no info about whether there's HDMI inputs for your other components. It looks like its home theater-friendly, though, with its fanless design. We'd just like to know if it's price-friendly, because there's no info about that or ship date yet. [Lumenlab, via Born Rich]

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