Lipstick MP3 Player for Gadget Gals and Music-Minded Trannies

lipstick_mp3.jpgThere's no reason why the ladies (or reasonable facsimiles thereof) can't get in on all this gadget fun, and here's just one more enticement: the BRATZ lipstick-shaped MP3 player. Let's just hope those gals don't care much for musical variety, because this bauble only has 512MB of memory on board. But hey, like some gals, plugging in is easy with this thing, however unlike most females, it has an outie—its own built-in USB connector. Just for fun, it has a voice recorder on board, too, for recording all those profound conversations. Its colour is slightly updated from the last holiday season this was on sale, and it's probably cheaper now, too. And looky there, it now has a nifty clip for wearing this sucker on your sleeve. [7x7 Toys, via 7 Gadgets]

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