Linn Klimax DS Network Audio Streamer Welcomes Audiophiles to the 21st Century

klimax_ds.jpgOkay, audiophiles, the coast is clear. Now you can safely dive into the streaming network audio game with this strangely named and wildly overpriced Linn Klimax DS, billing itself as the "highest performance digital music player in the world." It's able to move those high-rez FLAC audio files from one place to another with excessive cleanliness, and if you ever have stoop to using lowly WAV files, it up-samples those to a less-embarrassing 384 or 352.8 kHz. Touchscreen-controlled, it doesn't include any hard disks; you must supply those yourself and still pay $20,000 for the privilege. [Linn, via bb Gadgets]

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