Lightning Round: T-Mobile's Samsung Beat Music Phone

samsungbeat.jpgThe Gadget: T-Mobile's Samsung Beat, a music flip-phone with 2GB microSD support, 1.3-megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth streaming, Quad-Band GSM, myFaves, IM support, and a round green speaker on the front for impromptu dance-athons.

The Price: $99 with two-year contract.The Verdict: For $99, this is a pretty decent music phone. The green circular speaker on the front is plenty loud for music on your own—we don't recommend it on the bus or anything just out of general principle—and the external music control buttons next to it are plenty convenient. The internal music UI isn't atrocious, which is a step up for music phones not from Sony Ericsson or Apple.

It's relatively small, which is good, and has good incoming and outgoing sound quality (someone said it made my voice sound deeper. Unconfirmed!). The keypad also has a nice graphite-esque texture, which adds to the overall appeal of this low- to mid-range phone. Overall, we'd give it a thumbs-up for regular folks who aren't interested in smartphone functions.


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