Lightning Round - Belkin Sport Armband Plus

IMG_5113belkin.jpg The Gadget: Belkin Sport Armband Plus. It's Belkin's newest iPod armband for exercising (we tested with 3G Nano).

The Price: $29.99

The Verdict: We're quite happy after a week of use with the Sport Armband Plus. Constructed of a high quality, wet suitesque material, the band sticks well to your skin—but absolutely perfectly after a few minutes of working out.

The cord capsule looked like a complete pain in the ass, but a unique rubber case design allows you to flip the entire capsule open, wrap your cord, and flip it back within moments. Sure you get some glare on the screen and the Nano has a propensity to fit just off its centre, but the Belkin is comfortable, functional and, need I say, fashionable? (Check it, along with sweet farmer tan).
IMG_5123.JPGThe Catch(es): The case doesn't make room for the Nike+iPod sports kit. So users need to stick their iPod in upside down and leave a chunk sticking out. This is actually not that big of a deal since it leaves the iPod right side up for a runner's viewing (you need to wear the iPod upside down to read it on your arm, why this isn't Belkin's default positioning is beyond us). Confused? Exactly. You shouldn't have to think this hard. That's why you pay $US30.

Given that many people interested in this product are also using the Nike add-on, we wish Belkin would release a Nike-compatible version.

The Verdict Part II: Pending the buyer is prepared for the above caveats, we'd recommend the Sport Armband Plus.

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