Lifebag Saves Lives in Avalanches, Doubles as Halloween Costume

photo_prod_1.jpgAimed at winter sports enthusiasts, the Lifebag is a nifty refillable backpack. Weighing in at less than three pounds, its 150-liter capacity tank fills with gas in just three seconds when inflated manually, protecting the head and upper body of the wearer. But this Swiss invention could be so much more than just a life-saver, don't you think?Forget inflatable sumo, how about inflatable football?

If you ever wanted to go as the headless giant to a Halloween party, now's the time.

Standard issue for shorter-than-normal club doormen.

Fashion, darling.

The Lifebag costs $1,100 and won't be available in the US until December 2008. [Snowpulse via Cool Hunting]

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