Intel Talks Up Quad-Core Mobile Chip, Fancy New Cooling Tech

fantasticquad.jpgAt its developer forum in Taiwan today Intel showed off its Penryn-based quad-core mobile chip we heard rumbles of in April that's set to drop in the latter half of 2008 as part of its Montevina chipset, which will be replacing Santa Rosa. They also bandied about some new cooling ideas, like one based on compressor tech—think fridges and ACs—that'll drop notebook temps by 10 degrees Celsius. The chip will run at a power envelope 45W, which AppleInsider notes is higher than its mainstream thermal design power of 35W, so its processing jujitsu—they demoed it running Enemy Territory: Quake Wars—will suck up a requisite amount of battery juice.

Aside from showing off external cooling units using compressors, like a notebook stand and cooling system, and demoing how they could be built into a laptop's heatsink and fan setup, Intel also talked up a material that air can pass through but liquids can't. It'd be useful for letting air come in through a notebook's keyboard for cooling while keeping your coffee from also reaching your computer's guts, allowing for more flexibility in notebook design. Unfortunately, this mystical material probably won't hit production systems for another year or so as Intel refines the necessary voodoo to produce it. [Apple Insider]

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