Kyosho's Robo Hopper Hops into Our Faces, Pectorals and Hearts

hopperGI.jpgWe have just realised our lives are far from complete. Please do not be shocked, we also thought blogging for a living was the abstract definition of self-completion. Apparently not, the Robo Hopper, an RC flying robot fashioned like our lovable buddy Asimo, has made us realise we need a flying robot/astronaut toy to complete us.The little spaceman is, an impressively small, 6" in height and the package includes a 2.4GHz 2-channel transmitter. The device will run on four alkaline batteries and will be available in time for Christmas festivities this year for 10,290 yen ($89.80). If we can't go to the moon, at least our radio controlled brethren can live our dreams for us—fly, little fella. Fly! [ Product Page via Sci Fi Tech]

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