Jobs Personally Tells iPod Owner That Missing Calendar Entry Was a Bug

SJobs_Dear_Dave.jpgWTF? OK, I am not sold on this, but according to the story, a guy who just bought an iPod touch wrote to [email protected] with complaints about lack of games support, hi-res photo syncing, disk mode, notes storage, add/edit calendar entry and more. The strange thing is, [email protected] wrote back.

Here's the full reply, plus the opening segment of the original letter:Dear_Steve.jpgNot only does he say "nothing can be done about the games" which is a little definitive, he also says that the "inability to edit or add calendar events is a bug." That sounds like all too much of an admission, but I'm aware that, like Henry V, Steve I does like to mingle with his vassals from time to time, so we need your help in calling BS—or not. [MacRumors via Cult of Mac]

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