Osaka's Super Potato is a Retro Gaming Mecca

superpotato01.jpgBashcraft of Kotaku fame just took me on an amazing guided tour of some of Osaka's best geek haunts, including Super Potato, probably the sweetest video game store I've ever been in.


Because there are no game rentals in Japan (but renting CDs is big, for some reason), the market for used games and consoles is huge compared with America's. Enter Super Potato: a two-floor store where the first floor is full of new games, while the entire second floor is dedicated to retro games. They have stacks of old consoles you'd pay loads for on eBay in America, with walls of cartridges for all of them to boot. They lure you in with the four Super Famicoms set up outside, then they nail you with their shelves filled to the brim with Dreamcasts, NeoGeos, TurboGrafix 16s, and every other console you can imagine. Oh, man, I love this country.

Check back tomorrow for more photos and a couple videos of Bashcraft and my romantic evening together, including me putting my life on the line to do a hands-on with a hot can of Ramen soup straight from a vending machine. Yikes.

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