It is Going to Take a Whole Lot of Thongs to Fight the RIAA

free_jammie_thong.jpgIf you recall, a jury full of dumbasses recently stuck it to Jammie Thomas to the tune of $222,000 for downloading 24 pirated songs from Kazaa. Now, I don't know about you, but most people can't make this go away by whipping out their checkbook. So what does an average 30 year old single mother of two do to pull together that kind of money? She sells thongs. A whole lot of thongs to be exact. According to Jammie's website, only $16,000 has been collected through private donations to help her fight the charges against her, so it appears that she has resorted to selling "Free Jammie, Free Everyone" branded paraphernalia to help make up the difference. If you would like to help, and pick up a thong, shirt, or mug while you are at it, hit her product website in the link. [Cafepress via Crave]

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