Star Trek and MLB Urns Will Make You a Superfan in this Life and the Next

startrekurn.jpgWould you like to be remembered as a pathetic geek who based his entire life around a piece of pop-culture sci-fi entertainment that you didn't even have a hand in creating, filling a unique role of someone who's completely passive yet also obsessive compulsive? Great! This Star Trek urn is for you. It's shiny, futuristic-looking (for now), and just so above-and-beyond dorky that you'll probably get into a special section of Nerd Heaven where they have 1,000,000-sided die and piles of mint-condition magic cards as high as the eye can see. baseballcasket.jpgAre you too cool for that? Does the idea of someone wanting to be placed inside something Star-Trek-themed for all of eternity give you a serious urge to give someone a wedgie? Well, Eternal Image, the company behind the Star Trek urn, has something for you too, my fratty friend: Major League Baseball urns and caskets. They also make a Cat Fanciers' Association production urn, but I think that might go too far into the realm of the depressingly pathetic for me to investigate and make fun of with a clear conscience. [Product Page via BusinessWire]

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