iPod+Skateboard=No More Dropping

1719392124_847b5274a5.jpgThe sexy metallic rear finish of an iPod has long offered users the fulfillment of discovering just how much oil their fingertips produce on a daily basis. But it's also quite slippery, especially in a pocket. After losing his new iPod Touch to a deep cab seat, one ex-skateboarder gone tech reporter put two and two together and realised that anti-slip skateboard tape just might be the solution to this global problem. The verdict? Works like a charm.1719393462_47b0b4a274.jpgNot only does the self-adhesive tape make for an easy install, but, in this humble blogger's opinion, it adds a little street cred to your yuppieware. Plus, in moments of self-defense, one's iPod can be used as part of a lethal "sandpaper attack" sure to chafe even the burliest of assailant. [sbdc via gearfuse]

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