iPod Wins T3's "Best Gadget of All Time" Award

iPodWinnerT3Gi.jpgYou will call us fanboys, you will say we love Apple more than our own mothers, you will state we have had sexual relations with sheep and proclaim you have photographic proof. Despite all the evidence supporting your assertions, one thing is certain; Apple's iPod has just scrolled home with T3's "Best Gadget of All Time" award, and we weren't even on the panel.

Apple also walked home with the "Most Anticipated Gadget of 2008" award, for, you guessed it, the iPhone. Editor of T3, Michael Brook said:

Apple really does appear to be an unstoppable force right now. The iPhone and the iPod Touch may have received some mixed press at times, but consumers are salivating over the products and the company is still unshakeable.

Mark pointed out that perhaps the wheel should have won the "Best Gadget of All Time" award, however, the iPod plays media content and has a touch sensitive wheel. Thus, despite Mark having sexy arms, he'd clearly make a lousy T3 awards judge. What do you guys make as the best gadget ever? [The Sun via Digital Journal]

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