iPhone Headed for Canada This Month?

iphone-canada.jpgAttention friends to the Great White North: the Apple iPhone could be on its way to Canada sooner than expected, and rumour has it you might be carrying around the coveted cellie by the middle of this month. But wait just a minute here. Put on your bullshit detectors, readers.

The leak is said to come from an insider at Canadian fashion specialty department store Holt Renfrew, and neither that store, Rogers (the Canadian cellphone provider that's rumoured to be the one to carry the iPhone), or Apple are saying anything about the release of the supposed 8GB GSM iPhone, which will reportedly sell for $799. What a rip—double the price of the iPhone in the U.S.! Hm. Something's fishy, because Holt Renfrew is not known for selling electronics of any kind. [Digital Journal]

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