Informance Sunglasses Display Information in Your Peripheral Vision

informanceGI.jpgWe are always looking for the best ways to improve our rigorous physical workout routines, and the Informance smart sunglasses look like a worthy asset to our arsenal of workout gear. The instrument is intended for use by professional athletes, and will allow them to view vital statistics in their peripheral vision using a projected image on one of the lenses.The technology behind the device has been whittled down to a paltry 7 grams, meaning performance interference will be kept to a minimum. The physics behind the relaying of the image is rather nifty, but it involves far too many reflections from one place to another for it to make any sense to us. The image originates from a small LED display, which draws its power from a battery embedded in the glasses' left arm.

Mike Hazel, of Cambridge Consultants, one of the firms involved in the development, pointed out such technology is usually large, bulky and exclusively for military use. Their product hopes to break from the norm. The prototype (pictured) sources its information from a wireless link between a wristwatch the athlete wears. The German company behind the display, Rodenstock, are keen to implement a larger screen than the current 160 x 120 LCD display, which will be tweaked to provide even more information.

The device is set to go into production in 2009 and a ballpark figure for the price will be around $1000-$1500. OK, so we aren't going to use these for physical training, but if we could get them modded to relay our RSS feeds... [New Scientist]

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