Inax Bidet Toilet Seats Spray Your Butt in Living Color

pcl_01.jpgIf you want to look into the future, go to Japan, where it's impossible to market a new toilet seat without a bidet attachment inside (otherwise known as a washlet) that squirts water all over your delicate nether regions. Now you can do away with toilet paper in colorful style with these limited-edition toilet seats by interior design company Inax, the company that figured out how to add an SD card reader to a toilet.

These colorful seats are available in Japan for around $1400, but if you wanted one badly enough, you could probably import one of these thrones, install an electric outlet near your toilet, hook the water pipes up to the seat, and you're good to go. So to speak. While the whole idea of a telescoping, self-cleaning magic wand spraying your arse clean seems gross, it sure beats the equivalent of a spreading peanut butter around on a shag carpet with a piece of toilet tissue. [Tokyo Mango]

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