Impact Jackets (AKA Wearable Airbags) Finally Make it to the US, and are Immediately "Tested"

impactjack%20copy.jpgImpact Jackets, originally designed to save Japanese construction workers from long falls by inflating prior to impact, have finally made it to the United States. Only instead of construction workers, it's our motorcyclist that seem to be reaping the benefits. And it didn't take too long to see some results.Joeseph McPhatter of Baltimore, MD recently was cruising along when he was abruptly cut off and wrecked his motorcycle. Upon crashing, McPhatter was launched over 100-ft at a rate of 140-mph and instantly became the Impact Jackets first "real world" motorcycle crash test. Medics claim that if McPhatter hadn't been wearing the Impact Jacket, his injuries, which amounted to a few sore ribs, would have been severely worse-if not fatal. Thanks, Impact Jacket! [Baltimore Sun via Core77]

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