iKey LED Keyboard is Rugged, Compatible With Night Vision Goggles

ledkeyboardnv.jpgYou are on an espionage mission; you whip out your portable keyboard, but cannot see a thing because of the night vision (NV) goggles you are wearing. Enter iKey's LED keyboard, which will not only show you your peripheral with glorious back lighting when it gets a bit dim, it will also illuminate your keys when you are out, in the pitch black, with only your NV goggles for visionary sustenance.Every secret agent needs one, and that is exactly why these will be standard issue for all Gizmodo writers...I have said too much about our covert objectives—we will now have to destroy you all, sorry. The iKey LED keyboard is actually intended for use by military, medical and law enforcement agencies. Pricing details are available from iKey directly. [Product Page via Ubergizmo]

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