HTC Officializes Vox-Sequel S730 and Fingerprint-Recognizing P6500

htc730.pngDuring its announcement party, HTC gave word on two new handsets launching in Europe later this month and in November, the S730 and P6500, respectively. The WM6, Office Mobile-loaded S730, which appears to be a sequel to the Vox, sports Wi-Fi, HDSPA, auto-slide QWERTY keyboard, 256MB of flash memory, and the usual HTC works. Up next, the unattractive enterprise-oriented P6500.htcp6500.png It comes with WM6 Pro, fingerprint ID for gov't/corporate drones, remote wipe function to clear everything if it's lost or stolen, a dual SDIO interface, GPS, and a 3MP cam for barcode and business card reader apps. Oh, and it has a monster 3.5-inch anti-glare screen. But that doesn't make it look any prettier, unfortunately. [S730, P6500]

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