Hotelmóvil 5-Star Mobile Hotel Perfect for Rock Stars, Guitar Hero Prodigies

hmovil.jpgWhy stay in a skeezy motel with sheets that smell like cheese if you need to plop down for the night in the middle of nowhere when you can haul your own luxury hotel with you? The $500,000 Hotelmovil promises 5-star quality on 18 wheels, with 11 rooms for up to 50 occupants, all of which have their own bathroom "en suite." Three luxury rooms even come with private terraces. After you've picked your campgrounds, a button push sends hydraulic faeries to work, unfolding the 2-story hotel in the course of about 30 minutes. Video after the jump. Of course it comes with all the standards of luxury life these days: LCD TVs, internet, floated flooring, sound/temp insulation, and DVD players. If you want Blu-ray instead, however, everything is totally customizable—you can change some of the suites to offices, or even medical facilities. If you'd just like to take a weekend tour of (with?) the awesome, that can also be arranged for a mere $8,000. [Hotelmovil via Oh Gizmo]

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