Hologram and Predator Invisibility Effects Come to iChat, Princess Leia Reenactments Impending

hologitGI.jpgA wail of grief from the great heavens was heard when it was announced the Star Wars hologram effect did not make it to iChat. Mourn no longer, for a giant among men at Macrumors, who goes by the name of elbows, has made the impossible possible.He is still perfecting the effect, but while you wait you may download a .qtz file and add it to the following folder: {HardDriveName}/Library/Compositions/directory. This will enable the hologram effect in iChat, granted with a few glitches, but a hologram effect nonetheless! The necessary file can be found by hitting up the link at the bottom. As if that was not enough, fellow Macrumors member, Zneo11, has devised a stunning invisibility effect; think Predator vision. The method to obtain is much the same. We haven't tried these out yet, but let us know how you get on. Now, I'm off to get my girlfriend versed in the way of Princess Leia before I test this out. Hit the links to get downloading, Luke. May the force be with you, Predator. Awesome mash up idea instigating in my brain region... [Macrumors-Hologram, Hologram File, Macrumors-Invisibility]

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