Hitachi's Wooo UT Series are World's Thinnest Production LCDs

1WooUTGI.jpgStanding at 35mm thick, Hitachi's Wooo UT series of LCDs earns them the accolade of world's thinnest production LCD television manufacturer. Three sizes will be made available, either 42" (¥430 000, $4,171) or 37" (¥330 000, $3,201) at 1080p and a smaller 32" (¥230 000, $2,231) model with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels.The Woo part of the product name is in fact an accompanying external tuner, which has been separated from the televisions to shave off a few inches. The digital tuner houses 3 x HDMI inputs, SD/MMC slot, iVDR recorder and an Ethernet port. The televisions will all have 2 x 6W speakers, 1 x HDMI/1 x D-sub inputs and an impressive 178degree viewing angle. An optional UWB hub will allow for streaming with a 9m range and will cost an additional ¥90 000 ($873). If all those facts have not got you hot under the collar, check out those white leather boots—saucy. [AV Watch]

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