Hitachi Rolls Out P7K500, World's Most Energy-Efficient Hard Drives

DS_P7K500_angle_SATA_LR.jpgIf you're going to leave that computer on all the time, might as well have some energy-efficient drives inside. That must've been what Hitachi was thinking when the company replaced its DeskStar line with these P7K500 energy-savers, rolling out in capacities from 250GB to 500GB. Even though the drives run at 7200RPM, they're up to 59% more power efficient, with the 250GB drive sipping just 3.6 watts when idle (the 320GB and higher drives use 4.8 watts). That's pretty good considering that a typical hard drive uses about 7 watts. When you're building an Energy Star-compliant PC, the new, tougher standards make every watt count, so this will be a welcome addition to the PC builder's inventory. [Maximum PC]

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