Citizen Develops Seismic Earthquake Early Warning Watch

Earthquake_Watch.jpgThere's nothing to stop Japan's infamous earthquakes, but there are better ways to get ready for them. Citizen is developing the Seismic watch to take advantage of the country's "Earthquake Early Warning" radio service. It will pick up the radio signal as much as 10 seconds faster than the mobile text-message alternative. The way the watch alerts you of a coming earthquake does have a certain cinematic disaster-movie intensity to it.According to Gizmag:

The Seismic watch functions as an ordinary watch until it receives the EEW, which causes the hour hand to speed up based on the seismic intensity estimation, while the minute and second hands give the countdown time to the earthquake arrival.

I can already picture the adrenalised jump-cut-heavy scene involving a watch counting down to earthquake, starring Jason Stratham of course.

The watch itself will be ready in 2010, first for men (given its size) but eventually for women, too. A wall clock connecting to the EEW system via home network will also be available.

Speaking of that, it's probably clear why this technique, using Japan's EEW system, is a better bet than Hitachi's tremor-sensing AirSense watch, which we told you about a few years back. After all, what good is being told of an earthquake when all your crap is already falling off the walls. [Gizmag]

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