HD DVD strikes back: JB Hi-Fi no longer Blu-ray exclusive

jbhifi.jpg Straight from the pages of teen dream magazine. Earlier in the year JB Hi-Fi took to the stage with Blu-ray to announce they were going steady. This was exclusive dating. There would be no two timing. They even wore Blu-ray's swim team jacket.

About eight months later, it now seems JB Hi-Fi has told Blu-ray "it's not you, it's me" and "maybe we should be open to new experiences for a while". Sure, they'll still be friends, but they'll just also be spending a little time with the guys from the track team. Of course, the captain of the track team? HD DVD! Oh man!

No doubt Blu-ray will be putting on the "that's fine" and "we understand", but I know I just heard a heartstring breaking. [The press release]

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