Hands (and Feet) On the Steelcase Walkstation (Video)

I hit the Steelcase offices in NYC to get on the new Walkstation. At first, it looks like a bulky treadmill with a basic desk strapped on top, and I had some doubts about how comfortable it would be to work while working out. When I tested it out, though, I was pretty impressed with the design.

The Walkstation doesn't go faster than 3mph so you never move beyond a leisurely stroll. The treadmill/desk includes plenty of features that make walking and typing comfortable, including a large adjustable workspace that raises and lowers to match your height, and a soft raised wrist bar that doubles as a handrail for stability. It also has a kill switch for the treadmill controls, in case you get distracted and forget to keep walking. The Walkstation lacks a heart rate monitor or any other health information besides the number of calories burned, making it difficult to track your progress. Maybe that'll be in v2.0.

In case you want one, it will be available to businesses in November for about $4,000, and Steelcase reps told us that they're working on a consumer edition for Spring 2008.

[Ed. note: The person you see in the video and gallery is NOT Gizmodo's rookie NYC reporter Jennifer Hooker. Just in case you were wondering.]

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