Guitar Captured with Enough Coke Stashed to Take Us All to Electric Ladyland

cocaine-guitar.jpgWhat on earth would make this Stratocaster clone worth well over a million dollars? As you can see in the pic above, the electric guitar was stuffed with lots of cocaine, that's what. We former musicians are well aware that the gigsters always have the best blow, but this guitar player went overboard when he decided to fly from Costa Rica to Rome with his drastically modified Squier ax in tow. Too bad The Man noticed a bit of telltale powdery residue poking out of a conspicuous spot on this git-box. We have another pic of the guitar before it was dismantled, looking perfectly innocent. omniroma114874442510113246_.jpg

Add that amount found in the guitar to all the cocaine the guy had mixed up in ten Thermos flasks in his luggage, and the grand total value (certainly inflated by breathless War on Drugs enforcers) was $5.12 million worth of the stuff. Just think of how many times this has been done without detection. [Music Thing]

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