Glove Input Device For Keyboards Can Also Control Your iPod

Last week at the International Symposium on Wearable Computers in Boston, UC Irving researcher Carsten Mehring showed off a new kind of remote control for the iPod that allows users to control the device with finger movements. Actions like skipping tracks and adjusting the volume can be performed wirelessly by simply touching the fingers together. Naturally, this sort of technology would be extremely useful from a convienence and safety perspective, but Mering believes that the possibilites for these types of wearable computers go way beyond controlling simple electronic devices. The most useful application of this technology may be that it can be used as an input device for your computer—as illustrated in the video above. If you want to check out the iPod glove in action, and check out a commercial while you are at it, hit the following product link. [Product Link via Wired]

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