Giz AU: New look + new brain + US comments!

Welcome to the updated Gizmodo Australia! We haven't just updated the look to match the US site, either. We've also upgraded the back end so the whole place runs fast like a red thing. Hopefully we won't see any major teething problems... hopefully...

The biggest news is our deliver of a feature you've all been waiting for. US comments! Now you can see what the Americans had to say about a story before shooting your own mouth off. Hats off to our tech guru, Kaan, for this one - it's been a tough task to get this one working. Australian comments will still exist in their own local realm, so your comments won't flow back into the US stream (but they run a closed system anyway). At least now you can keep up with everything that appears at the US site while getting our value add local stuff. Hope you like.

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