Girl Finds Rocks Where Her iPod Should Be, TWICE

EyewitnessRocks.jpgFor her birthday, a 14-year-old girl from Texas wanted an iPod. So her mother took her to the Target in Fort Worth to buy her one. After surely promising to not load the device with "devil music," the family purchased the new $350 iPod. And then they opened it. And it was full of rocks. (And not pretty rocks like we used to make this article look better.)

Ahh, but they lied, you say? They went home, took the iPod, grabbed some rocks, refilled the box, high-fived like mofos and cashed in? Not the case. Because when the family returned to Target, they were forced to take in-store credit and so they had to head to another Target to buy another iPod (because apparently the Fort Worth Target store carries one iPod at all times). At the second store, the girl bought another iPod and opened it in front of store employees. What did they find? More rocks.

Lesson of the day? Buy your gadgets online and save tax. [startelegram via ars]

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