Ginza's Apple Store and the Buttonless Elevator

tokyoapplestore.jpgThe Apple store in Ginza, an upscale shopping neighbourhood in Tokyo, is the first Apple store to have opened outside of the US. While most Apple stores are pretty similar, with their long, blonde-wood tables filled with toys for people to play around with, some of the flagship stores have little things that make them unique, like the cube on 5th avenue in NYC. The Ginza store's no different: it has a set of glass elevators with no buttons. Nope, there's no button to call the elevator, and once you get in, there's no way to tell it where you want to go. You get no control in this elevator; you're just along for the ride. Both elevators simply go up and down the four-story store, stopping at every floor. Want to go check your email on the top floor? You'll be taking a peek at a guy giving an iPhoto presentation in Japanese on floor 3 on the way. It's not exactly the most convenient thing in the world, but it forces you to scope out every aspect of the store as you make your way up. And really, you're just there to mooch their internet, so who are you to complain?

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