Gamepark GP2X F-200 DivX/Xvid-Playing Handheld With Emulator Now Available

gamepark.jpgThe crazy GP2X F-200 Gamepark handheld is available today for $169 on Play-Asia. What's so special about this handheld? For one, it's running Linux and can play back DivX, XVid and MPEG4 at 30FPS, or TV-Out your movies that are encoded at 720x480. For two, it supports emulation, which means you can load your old ROMs on there and play NES/SNES and other retro games you download for free off the internet. So in essence, you could be playing Super Mario 3 and watching that Fred Savage movie about Super Mario 3 on the same device! Did we mention that it was only $169? [Play Asia via DCEmu]

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