Fujitsu Flepia e-Reader Displays 4,096 Colors

8152_10100782702_6.jpgKeep ignoring e-paper and e-readers, but as we see more colour displays it will slowly take over the world. And Fujitsu just showed off some of their sweet new colour e-reader prototypes. These readers feature 8" or 12" displays, boast 4,096-colors and XGA 768 x 1024 resolution...all on top of touch screen capability. The only downside is that you have to wait 10 seconds for images to draw. The battery is lithium polymer and gets up to 50 hours of runtime (though, to be fair, that spec is from an optional 8-color spec). Content is stored on an SD card and the unit features a USB port.

Oh, and there are speakers, too. With all this functionality and a waistline of just 12mm, we think we're in love. [gizmag via gizwatch]

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