Flying Boat; You Will Get Wet

FlyingBoatGI.jpgRudy Heeman was meant for greater things, as is obvious by his superhero last name, Heeman. The lunatic mechanic from New Zealand has spent the last 11 years constructing a flying boat / hovercraft. Is there any better way to spend 11 years? We think not. We can only imagine what Mr. Heeman's telephone conversations entail:Heeman's friend: "Sup, man?" Heeman: "Oh nothing much, I'm just flying across the ocean in my flying boat."

The vehicle, dubbed the Hoverwing, has taken Mr. Heeman 800 hours of assembly time and is only now nearing completion. During the first test flight, the crazy genius did not allow his daughters to watch in case he ended up as a mangled mess. He also chose a location close to the local hospital to ensure help would be at hand if needed. He seems to be capable of understanding basic risk, but his lack of respect for the laws of physics impresses us no end. According to Mr. Heeman, all in the name of the project, he has spent tens of thousands of dollars, learnt how to become a fiberglass laminator and modified a Subaru car engine.

The optimum flight level for the Hoverwing is set at 1.5m above water level and the speed record stands at 98kmh. Rudy is having a tough time deciding who to take along with him on the first official flight. I think he should take someone with a name beginning with the letter 'H' and ending with the letter 'N', just like Mr. Heeman's name does. His choice should further be limited to Gizmodo's writing staff Gizmodo's weekend writing staff. [Nelson Mail via Raw Feed]

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