Flame-Grilled G4 Almost Kills Owner, Makes Him Love Apple More

Flame-Grilled G4 Almost Kills Owner, Makes Him Love Apple More

jimm_laptop_02.jpgPowerBook user Jimm Lasser, was woken up by a noise from beneath his bed at around 1.30am on a Saturday. Investigating further, he found his G4, white hot and making a strange “Ffffffff” sound. When thick smoke started billowing out, he called 911. Despite it subsequently bursting into flames and burning his bedroom carpet, the whole experience made Jimm love Apple more. jimm_laptop_01.jpgWhen the fire crew left, taking with them the burnt-out battery and the square of toxic carpet that is missing in the picture above, Jimm checked into a hotel for the night, returning the next day to clear up the mess. This included calling Apple’s customer service to discuss the matter. This is how the conversation went:

“Customer service, how can I help you?”

“Hi, my G4 Powerbook burst into flames last night while it, and I, were asleep. I was wondering who I could talk to about this?”

“What is your serial number, sir?”

(sounds of scraping)

“Hold on….”


“Hold on, I am trying to scrape away all the burned metal to see if I can read it.”

The long and short of it is that Apple listened to Jimm, making him go over the near-fatal incident in detail in order that the company’s engineers can try to solve the problem for future laptops. They got Jimm’s fire report, his serial number from the Apple dealer he bought the G4 from, and the char-grilled machine itself. And Jimm got himself a brand new MacBook Pro gratis — as it should be. [Under Consideration via Wired]