First Hands-On with Starbucks iTunes Wireless Music Store (Video)

Though the service officially launches tomorrow, Starbucks and Apple gave us a chance to test out the caffeine-fueled Wi-Fi service today.

Using the T-Mobile HotSpot wireless network with your AT&T iPhone (irony, anyone?), you can now access the iTunes music store. You can also access it with an iPod touch or a laptop, regardless of whether you have HotSpot service or not. Jump on and you are shown Starbucks' version of the iTunes store, and find links to download their in-house choices as well as the last 10 songs played in the coffee shop. Soon, a screen will be installed at every Starbucks allowing customers to see what song is playing, without having to log on (or annoy the barista).My first attempt at using the service was a little clunky: the store's iPhone version would only let me see featured albums, and I could not download any individual songs. While I was able to successfully download songs using iTunes, some of the links were broken in the site. By the end of the event, though, everything was up and running, and a neat little Starbucks icon popped up on the iTWMS on my iPhone.

The interface of both versions is pretty cool, and it looks exactly like a perfect mix of Starbucks and Apple. Here's a gallery of my different experiences:

Song of the Day cardsSong of the day link in iTunes doesn't workStarbucks iTWMS on iPhone a successStarbucks page in iTWMSRecently playedCan't connect to server.iTunes front pageSong of the Day a success

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