Evolution Acoustics MMthree Speakers Stand Tall with Monster Specs

MM3_2-shot.jpgJust look at these monster speaker stacks from Evolution Acoustics, dubbed MMthree, standing 74" tall and weighing in at a floor-challenging 525 pounds. Powered by a self-contained 1000-watt amp, each of the two speakers in the set consists of a couple of 15-inch woofers, two 7-inch midrange drivers and a 5-inch aluminium ribbon tweeter. The setup gives you spectacular frequency range, from 10-40,000Hz. To roll out next week, these babies will run a cool $50,000, quite a price for music playback only a dog's ears could appreciate. But hey, we're loving that gorgeous, highly polished cabinet, adding a sexy sheen to the dizzying display of sound tech. We'll take two. [Evolution Acoustics, via Audio Junkies]

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