Embraer and BMW Team Up for Luxo-Jets

bmwlegacy_front1.jpgYou might know Embraer as the company that makes those pint-size regional jets that you wedge yourself into to get from here to there. But imagine one of those jets as a private plane as you see in the picture above, but with a BMW interior. Brazilian company Embraer has teamed up with BMW's Los Angeles studio, DesignworksUSA, for some super-swank interiors for the company's medium-range jets. The Phenom 300 pictured here should be one of the first to get the BMW interior, expected to be produced in 2009. The $6.65 million (probably more with this snazzy interior) jet flies at 41,000 feet and has a range of 2078 miles. Hit the gallery to take an inside tour. [Wired]

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