Skintile Electronic Sensing Jewellery Blings Your Mood

jewel1.jpgDesigned by Philips alongside Stella, a project that is developing flexible electronic substrates for the medical world, Skintile jewellery is an adhesive body adornment that can light up depending on your mood. Everything is contained in the substrate—energy supply, sensors, actuators and display, and Philips rather saucily claims that it is "arousal enhancing." Well, I guess if you wind the design below round your erect penis to signal that you've got a hard-on, then yes, I guess it is.

jewel2.jpgThe Philips blurb describes it as a "semi disposable, bio compatible, non-allergenic, breathable, mass customisable, self contained body-worn accessory." And I'm guessing it's one for the ladies, although, if it really does reflect your mood, then I'd pass on it if you're prone to PMT, as it will probably turn black and start spelling out "Crazy-Assed Bitch. Leave now if you wish to survive." in Morse code. [Stella via Philips and Yanko]

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