Eizo SX3031W-H Display Joins the 30-Inch Club

eizosx3031wh-lg.jpgThe 30-inch ultra-high-rez (2560x1600) monitor derby heats up even more now with Eizo jumping in with its SX3031W-H display, to be released first in Japan December 19th and maybe even making its way to US shores before too long. If so, it'll have to compete against 30-inchers at that same resolution from Apple ($1,799), Dell ($1,274), HP ($1400) and that whopper we showed you from Gateway ($1,700) a couple of weeks ago.

Eizo is a bit modest with its refresh rate spec, quoting 14ms just like Apple does, compared to 11ms for Dell, and HP's boast of 8ms. Those refresh rate specs are usually bullshit and rife with weasel words, anyway, so you'll have to use your own eyeballs to see which one is better. One thing's for sure, this Eizo display's prices lag behind the diminishing trend, initially quoted at a hefty $2555 out of the gate. Ouch. [Electronista]

AU: Eizo screens aren't about the refresh rates. They're for graphic designers who require hardcore colour calibration and reproduction. That doesn't mean they're not overpriced, but it does mean refresh is the wrong point of comparison.

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