Deep fry the sky: First 100% biodiesel jet flight

biojet.jpg Have you been buying carbon offsets for your air travel yet? Well done to that one person up the back. We all know flight is not very friendly to the environment, but living down under makes it a necessary evil to go ANYWHERE else (unless you have a few months to kick back on the QE2?)

Last week Green Flight International and Biodiesel Solutions used their powers combined to launch the first ever 100% biodiesel jet flight. Tests were conducted up to 17,000 feet in a Czech-made aircraft that has been rated to run on various fuels, including heating oil. After a few tests on a cocktail of biodiesel and conventional jet fuel, they were happy to go for broke and showed the world you can fly a plane and leave the sweet smell of hot chips in your wake. [Green Flight International via Treehugger]

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