Sony Sexes Up Laptops, Walkmans and Headphones as Part of Its Canvas Exhibition

sony01.jpgSony has commissioned three of Japan's most promising graphic artists to add colour to four of its products. Hajime Yoshio, ZanPon and Ryuji Otani are the trio behind the limited-edition laptops, mobile phone cases, media players and headphones, part of the company's Canvas show at its Ginza headquarters. A lucky few will be able to buy the customised gear — at a price.


Just 100 of the 26,800Â¥ ($260) 16GB NW-A808 video Walkmans (Walkmen?) are up for grabs alongside 5,980Â¥ ($58) matching MDR-KX70LW headphones, will be on sale, from today until November 4. There are a ton of Vaio C-Series (VGN-CR90) at 114,800 ($1,116) available, but just 50 $US15 custom cases for the Sony Ericsson SO704i. Available from today, you've got until November 4, when the exhibition closes. [Impress through Google Translate]

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