Coonan's office: games can't get film/TV rebate because it isn't film/TV

LOLcoonan.jpgA Kotaku Australia reader shares the government's response to their query on the recent rejection of tax incentives for local games developers. It's almost funny to read that (a) the 'Screen Production Incentive Scheme' doesn't include a major creative industry that produces content for screens, and that (b) reasoning in the response for the rejection is partly explained as being because games aren't film or TV... but if game developers produce some game content for use *in* film or TV, they could be eligible. Am I taking crazy pills or is this some wacky circular logic here??

Now we're in election mode, it might be a good time for the GDAA to hit up Labor and press them for a commitment to extend the scheme to include game devs. [The Rebate Issue: A Letter from the Gov'ner]

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